Why Hire a Bartender for a House Party

In my last post, I told you about the massive success I had with my party when I hired a bartender, and today I want to share with you the reasons of that success!

First of all, it was a personal success, because I actually enjoyed the party, and that was the main reason for which I praised this service so much and I told all my friends to hire a cocktail bartender. Their life will just get easier! You know that when you throw a party, you go through that pressure of not running out of supplies, of making sure everyone has a drink in their hands, and this exatly the kind of worry that just goes away if you choose to hire a bartender for a house party.

Besides the fact that I had fun, another perk of having a cocktail party at home was the fact that every single person who attended the party loved the cocktails. They provide you many flavours, so you have where to choose from. Therefore, everyone had a great time and a great drink!

So, I strongly recommend you hire a barman for a private party, no matter what kind of party you intend it to be, because you will have only benefits, and I didn’t even mention how talked about your party will be! Wait no more and hire a bartender in London today, and your party will never be forgotten!


New Bartender, New Party

Remember the disaster from my last party? Like, the party went supposingly well, but just the fact that I have to assume it went well, even if I was there, points out the fact that it wasn’t actually a party for me. I was running around, filling cups and making sure everyone has a drink in their hands. Well, take this from my experience: hire a bartender for a party at home! That way your guests enjoy the best treatment and you get to party too!


So, I told myself the same thing: hire a cocktail bartender! And I did! The party was way better than last time, and not just for me, but for everyone! We all enjoyed great cocktails made for us, different cocktails for different tastes and it was just perfect! I noticed that having house party cocktails is a really great idea, the people get curious and want to taste a lot of flavours and we all have fun!


So, this was a real party! And, to be honest, when I saw that I can hire a bartender in London I was like “why didn’t I think about this earlier?” because I had so much fun and actually got to talk with all my friends and now that the party is over I have so many great memories from that day!


Anyway, here’s my advice for you, and if you want to throw a party, you should take it seriously: hire a bartender for a private party! No matter the type of party, the occasion, you can hire one and put all your worries aside and party the night away! That’s what it is all about after all, isn’t it?


The day I knew I had to Hire a Barman

It’s finally here: the house party I had planned for so long is finally happening tonight!

I prepared everything: the table is full of snacks and drinks, (I wish I had a bigger variety still, I only have three types of drinks or something, but that’s fine), I even made some amazing arrangements around the house! Everything is going to be perfect!

So, the party started, everyone’s here, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to all these friends I haven’t seen in a while (and that’s why I called them) and not even my curent friends, why? Because I was running around bringing more cups, or checking if their glass is full, or bringing some more bottles from the fridge. Bottom line: I wasn’t really enjoying myself, and then, without even noticing it, the party was ending, people were leaving…I got to say good-bye, tell them that I hope that they had a good time and that I am looking forward to see them soon (and actually get to speak with them).

So, it’s just me, and a full apartament to clean up, and when I think about it, I don’t even have “fun memories”, I just remember making my way to the fridge and back. But anyway, while I was thinking about my party and postponing the cleaning as much as I could, I was surfing the internet. And I found out that I could Hire a Barman! And it’s not just that he will serve some regular drinks, he will actually make cocktails, multiple types, amazing ones! Why didn’t I find out about this earlier? Oh, and there’s more to it, I can even have a flair bartender show some skills and entertain all my friends while I get to enjoy my beautiful party!

So yes, I am throwing another party in two weeks (I had to let my friends recover first) and this time, I am definitely contacting Hire a Barman, I just can’t wait, the party is going to be amazing, and I will tell you all about it in my next post!